That Stuff I Love, That H2O

Each day I wake up and I think
I wish I had a cup to drink…

A cup of what? You think you know?
That stuff I love, that H2O

It flows from out of mountain springs
Refreshing like a bird that sings

It brings the pureness that I thirst
And jolts me like a caffeine burst

The first sip that I take is slow
It’s better than some cookie dough

My head goes back, I open wide
With water rushing deep inside

I’m gratified, it fills my well
I drink so much I start to swell

The water quells my throat’s desire
Like rainfall on a forest fire

I’d get a choir if I could
To a cappella, “Water’s good!”

We wouldn’t ever get to fish
Or flip a penny for a wish

Or wash a dish off in the sink
Without the water that we drink

There’d be no ice rinks without ice
The frozen water has no price

The nicest things on summer days
Are forms of ice in all their ways

Trays of ice with cubes galore
To cool the drinks that people pour

Or ice-cream men who bring the treats
For children lining in the streets

I love my sweets, I always will
Like Flavor-Ice, my favorite still

It fills my freezer shelf so well
My icy gold, my Zinfandel…

There’s nothing else that hits the spot
Like water when it’s cold or hot

My grandma drank a lot of tea
That part of her rubbed off on me

And Christmas trees like water too
All piping hot, I swear it’s true

To them it’s like a bubble bath
More soothing than a garden path

The aftermath is plain to see
When needles don’t fall off the tree

The shopping spree of gifts stays clean
And leaves a most delightful scene

So plants stay green and throats are quenched
When cups are full and pots are drenched

It’s so entrenched in how we act
Water keeps the world intact

Now factor in the ice and snow
And man I love that H2O!

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