Some People

Some people in life deserve a big hand.
In a world of sitters they faithfully stand.

If words were a band I’d sing them a tune
Lifting them high with my verbs their balloon.

Crooning with ink I’m voicing my awe.
I think giving tribute should be made a law.

I saw a young man just yesterday.
He walked from a store and hurried away.

Paying attention better than I,
He noticed a lady was standing nearby.

She had been trying to load up her car,
But one bag was heavy and here came a star.

He didn’t go far, not far from of his way.
He just asked the lady, “Are you okay?”

They stood for a moment exchanging a grin,
Then he hoisted her bag and she guided it in.

If I had a pin or some kind of plaque
It would have been his with a pat on the back.

So to pack it all in and finish this rhyme—
I’m thankful for people like that all the time.

Some people

… are great. Are you one of those people that others are thankful to have around? Do you help strangers in need? Do you take food to neighbors, or help when someone is moving?

The world only becomes a better place to live when people make it that way.

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