When winter is windy,
And fingers are freezing,
And shovelers shiver,
And snozes are sneezing,
And trees looking pleasing
Are shining with lights—
The snowmen are loving
The colorful nights!

Corn-Cob Pipes

From Frosty to all of the ones I’ve ever built, these winter creations always bring good memories for me.

It used to take me, my brothers, next door neighbors, and kids from across the street, to roll and pick up the big snowballs that became our snowmen. After that, all we needed was a little charcoal, some of our parents’ winter wear, and a pipe from Grandpa to finish the job.

Now that I look back on it, I don’t know how corn-cob pipes ever got associated with snowmen that so many children loved to build. I’d say that idea was a bit questionable.

The Scenery

To all you snowman builders… I hope you’ll keep adding to the winter landscape for all of my years. Your hard-work never ceases to upgrade the view!

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