If you need an arm I’d give one to you.
If that’s not enough … then I’ll give two.

I learned I should do that when I was a kid.
Watching good people; the things that they did.

It sure isn’t hidden if you like to share.
Some people will even cut off their hair.

With nothing to spare they’d give what you lack;
Even the clothes right off of their back.

They also take sacks and parts of their day
Cleaning the trash that’s littered away.

Signs say, “Don’t Litter” and many don’t care
Flicking their butts right the air.

Others take dares to paint on a wall
Then there is a “sharer” cleaning it all.

To be called a sharer is no little thing.
Where good is respected a sharer’s a king.

They fling selfish thoughts right out of their head
Then sleep on the couch while you’re in the bed.

Instead of themselves they’re thinking of you.
I’ve loved all the sharers that I ever knew!

To those who are sharers, I hope it is clear;
To me you’re the proof that God’s always here.

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