I often reminisce
Of times from way back when.
Every day I reminisce
It’s not just now and then.

I spend my whole days thinking
How cool it used to be
When I was four and my big feat
Was climbing up a tree.

I told my mom, “Come see!”
She got to see me fall.
I hit the sandbox, mother screamed;
I curled in a ball.

She got me all fixed up.
The doctors were so nice.
They wrapped my head in gauze and tape
Then gave me some advice.

They said, “Think twice as you grow up,
Or you won’t get too old.
“Your brain is your protection.”
With that, they had me sold.


Recollecting past experiences, reminiscing about them, can be most enjoyable, and a way for people to keep their feet on the ground and not forget their roots.

Many people in today’s world are so tied up with their telephones that they don’t even pay attention to what’s happening in the world around them, much less what happened years ago.

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