Remember The Poor

Give of yourself and give a bit more
Love other people, remember the poor

Don’t do it for any kind of reward
Do it because you live for the Lord

We can’t afford slacking; it happens too much
Just think of the lives that you’re able to touch

Such is the life that we’re able to live
Reach in your heart and be ready to give

And give like a river over-flowing its banks
An army for God is much stronger than tanks

With thanks to the Lord we kindle the flames
The army keeps growing, keeps adding up names

We’re not playing games; we’re fighting a war
One of the battles: reinforcing the poor

Open up doors and let them come through
Keep thinking of them with all that you do

To some, having money is all that they need
But nothing smells worse than a person with greed

The creed of the good always should be
To treat other people much better than me

We all have that job, let’s call it a test
Excuses don’t help, just give it your best

Your rest will come later, it’s promised to you
The Lord will be waiting, believe it, it’s true

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