Reading the Bible

Reading the Bible is how I fill up.
The Word is the truth overflowing my cup.

I read and relax; peace settles in.
Angels surround me when reading begins.

Flipping through pages and looking for truth
Doesn’t take long, or even a sleuth.

Minutes a day; that’s all I need.
I just want a verse or two I could read.

My soul craves direction; the Bible’s my map.
I’m chasing down God and closing the gap.

He opens His arms just waiting for me
And gives me examples of how I should be.

And when I forget I open the Word.
That’s how my problems can always be cured.

If you don’t believe me go give it a try.
Ask God to read with you and soon you’ll know why.

Your worries will fade; your spirits will lift.
The Bible’s our present; it’s everyone’s gift.

I’ll keep it aside me the rest of my days.
It points me a path, and shows me the ways.

Reading the Bible

… is not a difficult undertaking, and it doesn’t take long to absorb a verse or two.

When pride cometh, then cometh shame: but with the lowly is wisdom. (Proverbs 11: 2)

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