The Puppy Dogs

The Puppy Dogs: Pick-up Cruisin’

Puppies in the trunk bed,
Cruisin’ with the top down,
Ears flying back,
Tongues hang out the side now.

One is running back and forth.
One is sitting still.
We could roll forever,
And they’d never get their fill.

I hit a new spot,
Hop out, and they follow me.
Zig-zagging cross the trails,
They’re seeing what they can see.

Then when we get done,
Walk back and reach the truck,
I tell them, “Load it up.”
One pretends she’s stuck.

She isn’t stuck though;
She could jump a mile.
She’s waiting to get picked up—
Waiting with a smile.

Puppies in the trunk bed,
Crusin’ with the top down,
Ears flying back,
No sign of grumpy puppy frown.

(Likely to be cont’d)

The Puppy Dogs: Original

Here’s the story
Of a lovely puppy;
She was one of
The sweetest little girls.
She had hair so
Short, dark and shiny;
She never dealt with curls.

Here’s the story
Of another puppy.
But this puppy
Was nothing like the first.
And her hair was
Long, thick and matted;
Their looks were just reversed.

And then one day
These lovely puppies
Became a team
Side by side they’d always stay.
In the bright morning,
Or the dark evening,
The puppy dogs were always there to play!

The puppy dogs
The puppy dogs
I’m so glad
Those girls are my puppy dogs!

Ba da, ba da, ba!

*For this poem to work correctly, you may need me to sing it to you.

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