Our Buddy

When times get tough it isn’t the end
People still love you, just look for a friend

If they’re not pretend, they’ll be there for you
With open-stretched arms, they’ll know what to do

But friends can be few and some far between
So if they’re not close then what does it mean?

Who can you lean on, where do you run
When the weight on your shoulders feels like a ton?

There’s always one Buddy with big open ears
Even your whispers He easily hears

He’ll clear up his schedule as soon as you call
No problem’s too big; no problem’s too small

We all have that option yet here’s what I think
God takes us to water but won’t make us drink

Some people wink, smile and guffaw
And say there’s no God that they ever saw

That leaves me in awe; God’s in plain view
Just look at the world for a minute or two

Stupendous displays come in so many forms
From crystal-like glaciers to tropical storms

From warm, sandy beaches to snow that is pure
Accidents like this don’t ever occur

I’m sure of one thing; it’s simple to see
Statistically speaking it never could be

We aren’t just a fluke; we’re part of a plan
We’ll figure it out the best that we can

Unanswered questions still will remain
Questions that science won’t ever explain

But one thing is plain, our Buddy is real
And sweeter than honey plus stronger than steel

So if you are feeling like you need advice
Just call for our Buddy; don’t even think twice

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