My Window Prize

Today is such a pleasant day, the kind that I adore.
Look outside and catch the view. Go open up your door.

For a while I’ve been sitting, glancing at a tree.
The branches dangle like a treat right in front of me.

I see some birds who speed on by … swallowed by the green.
Some others looking more relaxed lift their wings to preen.

This scene is priceless, picturesque, a truly special prize…
Every day it waits for me, welcoming my eyes.

I get surprised all the time; how easily I’m pleased.
All I need’s my window view to make me feel appeased.

My hearts been seized, this tree’s my friend that stands right by my side.
If I could I’d pull it closer, bringing it inside.

The window isn’t wide enough; my room is much too small.
But I’ll keep looking at this tree that’s proudly standing tall.

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