My Four-Legged Shadows

My baby girls, I love them so.
I barely ever tell them no.

They know me well; they read my mind.
My four-legged shadows, what a find!

What kind are they? I couldn’t say.
I got them both in different ways.

One day a girl at work asked me:
Did I want Sage? I told her, “Si.”

She only guessed what kind she was;
“A border-collie, mixed with fuzz.”

To me it doesn’t sound quite right
Though she’s a fuzzy, furry sight.

Sage doesn’t bite so I don’t care.
She’s so darn cute, I love her hair!

And there we were – just us two.
Sage wanted friends, what could I do?

Who came along? My Charlotte dear;
To fill my house with puppy cheer.

To make it clear how she was found,
Sage and I went to the pound.

The concrete ground was Charlotte’s bed.
I said, “Hello.” She perked her head.

Already she had pulled a trick.
She cast a spell and she got picked.

She licked me, pulling on my heart –
A lover from the very start.

She’s partly lab and partly hound.
She makes the cutest cuddle sound.

Her big round eyes don’t have a match.
My Sage and Charlotte, what a catch!

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