My Dogs Run With Me

I run like a dog, my dogs run with me.
The wind in my face, we’re feeling so free.

I wish I could be as fast as those two.
They leave me in dust; I’m blaming my shoes.

I lose every time; they know it and flaunt.
Wagging their tails they come back to taunt,

Then saunter away, two butts in my face.
All this because I just lost a race.

Now the pace slows, we walk for a bit.
My elbow starts itching; I must’ve been bit.

I figure that’s it, I yell out let’s go.
I’m leading my pack; I’m running the show.

What do you know? They’re nowhere in sight.
Their noses mislead them most every night.

A noise to the right – Sage reappears.
Such a good baby, she comes when she hears.

I nearly fall down when Charlotte gets back.
My big, playful puppy is on the attack.

She gives me a smack, her paws on my chest.
Like challenge the leader – she gives me a test.

My girls are the best, I love when we play.
They keep me alive and running each day.

We find our way home and run for our drinks.
I pick up their bowl then turn to the sink.

Quick as a blink I’m done with the chore.
They’re looking at me, still wanting more.

My poor little girls, I start scratching heads.
Then race them upstairs to jump in our beds.

Charlotte, spread out, takes half of my space.
And leaves me so happy – a grin on my face.

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