My Daughter’s Gone

My Daughter is Gone: Long Lost

My baby-girl is far away
I think about her every day

On my knees regrets are found
And tears well up then hit the ground

She’s not around so she can’t see
What her absence means to me

I want to be her closest friend
My love for her will never end

These words extend far past my reach
And hopefully they’ll help to teach

I beseech her; listen dear
This poem’s meant to make it clear

I hope you’ll hear me with your eyes
I need to make you realize

You’re my prize. You’re heaven sent
When you’re around my heart’s content

Time well spent is time with you
It’s nothing but my dreams come true

It’s nothing new you’ll always be
The angel I want next to me


This poem is dedicated to a dear friend…

Copyright © 2007 Ken McCardell

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