My Butterfly

The butterfly picked a day to free itself and fly away
She flew away without a fret but blindly straight into my net
I let it happen, gladly so, and swore I’d never let her go
There’s no way that I ever would. Or no way that I ever could…

I didn’t keep her in a jar but hoped she wouldn’t fly too far
My memoir might as well as read: “This butterfly filled all his needs.”
Indeed I’d see her and I knew there’s just one thing that I should do:
Imbue on her how much she meant. My butterfly was heaven sent.

She gently rested lying still so comfy on my windowsill
It thrilled me each time she appeared. I’d see her wings and my heart cheered
It might sound weird. You may ask why or how I loved a butterfly
But if you try you’ll understand; she took me to a wonderland

I hadn’t planned this fairy-tale; perfection on the grandest scale
It entailed my wildest dream and left me on the finest team
It seemed the years would pass on by with me aside my butterfly
I’d take a trip; she’d be right there. I’d need a hand; she’d say the prayer

We rarely ever disagreed. Good times were always guaranteed
She’d be my guide to heaven’s door and left me wanting more and more
This nor that could stop our fun. Times were treasured; every one
She stunned me in so many ways. My butterfly, I loved those days…

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