A Mother’s Day Poem

A Mother’s Day
A poem for Moms
The least that they deserve
Since mothers are
Worth so much more
Than every gold reserve
They preserve our families
In countless mother ways
Their hugs have cured
A multitude
Of less than perfect days
Moms pray when kids get sick
And read to fill their minds
Moms are made of muses
Who inspire humankind
It’s hard to find
Enough to say
The memories don’t stop
Moms see us at
Our lowest points
Then help us to the top
From propping children
In their arms
To playing peek-a-boo
To taking kids
To school or games
Then cooking dinner too
And who could keep
The schedule that
A mother has to keep?
Their staying up
To calm the cries
When little kids don’t sleep
Then leaping up
As birdies chirp
So she can help again
And she’ll be on
The job all day
No matter where or when
Spending time
Doing things
To make me want to say
Thank you Mom!
I love you,
And Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day!!

For another Mother’s Day poem you can read “Momma and the Monsters.”

I hope all of your mothers were, or are, as loving as mine.

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