A mother-to-be could very well be
The very best thing the world will see

The top nominee for a lifetime award
A mother-with-child is always adored

A baby’s on board. It makes her so round
Remember this princess deserves to be crowned

She thinks about pounds. Complains about that…
She looks in the mirror and says that she’s fat

She stares at her stomach with self-conscience eyes
And sometimes that’s followed by cute, little cries

She signifies life but worries of weight
So let’s make it clear and let’s get it straight

She emanates beauty, she carries a glow…
This wonderful cutie always should know

She shows what she’s made of as time passes by
Some give up their habits and won’t bat an eye

Striving for health they try to live well
Their nature to nurture has no parallel

Quelling desires or cravings she feels
A mother-to-be must be stronger than steel

Whatever the deal she puts “baby” first
Knowing that mess-ups are never reversed

This isn’t rehearsed. She learns on the go.
But what’s on her menu? You never will know…

No one can guess what she’ll want to eat
It could be some olives topped off with a sweet

It could be a beet or maybe a pear
Whatever she wants I hope that it’s there

She needs to be cared for in so many ways
Backrubs for hours will brighten her days

She has to stay focused; it’s not all for show
She works on her breathing and soon she’s a pro

She goes to the doctor to take all her tests
Then readies her house like a knight on a quest

There’s no time to rest as colors are picked
For boys or for girls … some try to predict

Then the trick is to pick out a name
That some kids won’t try to misuse in a game

There’s so much acclaim for this awardee
Nothing says living like mother-to-be

Copyright © 2007 Ken McCardell

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