Missing Her

I miss her with a giant heart
Whose love’s beyond control.
Without her eyes to gaze upon
I’m falling in a hole.
I’d hold her with my caring arms
As long as she’d stay near.
And do it with a blissful smile
For years and years and years.

I’m missing her.

Missing Her – A New Story

The first time that I met her
I’d been strolling by.
Her energy called out to me.
I stopped to tell her, “Hi.”

Her happiness was bursting.
I couldn’t help but grin.
Her eyes were shining brightly.
Her tongue was on her chin.

Soon she hopped right in my truck.
Good times were on the way.
For years we traveled mountainsides
With horse-rides every day.

We played in mornings, afternoons,
Then after dinners too.
I wish that she were here right now –
Her wagging tail in view.

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