Memorial Day – My Will Is to Honor

To soldiers who have gone before
That laid their lives down in a war
For you, beholden words I’ll spill
For ones who died, got hurt or ill

My will is to honor all that you’ve done

You didn’t run or shirk away
Your valor shined on every day
You gave it all protecting me
And all the friends I ever see

My will is to honor all that you’ve done

I hope one day your family hears
My heart and all the other cheers
Your fears were met, you chose to fight
To stand for what you knew was right

My will is to honor all that you’ve done

Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. (John 15: 13)

I’m Ken McCardell. I started writing this a little bit ago (when my cup of coffee was still full). Right now, my duty is to join my family. We’ll be remembering my grandfather (that I never met) who had lost an eye to shrapnel in war many years ago. And we’ll remember my other grandfather (whose helmet and leggings are in my living room). And we’ll remember all the soldiers whether they were hurt or not, or whether they are alive or not. It’s sad that we need soldiers. On the other side we won’t. But until then, we’ll remember and honor them.

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