Look Outside

A Day of Winter

I look outside and see some mountains of snow.
Sun is shining off it like a sparkling show.
‘Cicles dangle from the gutter as they’re drippin’ away.
Gloves are on the kids and they’re going to play!

Cold Toes

Goggles on my face. Snow is filling the skies.
My brother made a man with some charcoal eyes.
I’m packing up the snow building igloo blocks.
Snow is in my boots, and it’s freezing my socks.

The Day Below Zero

I peered outside with my robe on tight.
There was barely any color, with a blanket of white.
Ten at night—Santa still had time.
I wrote him up a note that’s a holiday rhyme.


Look outside. The world is turning green.
Flowers are blooming like they’re painting a scene.
My yard’s full of colors. Dogs are walking by.
I’m ready for my berries and a homemade pie.


Look outside. I see the filled up pools.
Neighbors with their boats are using all their tools.
Kids are being fools skating up the street.
Dogs are slowing down since there’s too much heat.


Look outside. Leaves are falling from trees.
Piles are piling higher and my neighbor sees.
She’s out in her yard and she’s heading my way.
When my neighbor sees leaves then she’s ready to play!

Look Outside

See the beautiful world we’ve been given to enjoy. Then get outside and enjoy it!

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