Linguistic Caffeine

Rhymes are addictive, like chocolate cake.
Linguistic caffeine – let’s make no mistake.

We all like to hear them, admit it or not.
They’ll dig in your brain then curl in a spot.

There they will stay, for days, even years.
Sometimes they’ll be hiding, sometimes they’ll appear.

Out they can burst. Who even knows why?
Some won’t leave your head as hard as you try.

Picture this scene; I know you’ve been there-
Driving along without any care.

A song will come on and you start to sing.
It could be John Denver, John Lennon or Sting.

If not in your car, your shower works too.
Singing like Elvis, no judges, just you.

Great songs are just poems and often they rhyme.
Pick any one that you sing all the time.

If it rhymes too – you’ll know I’ve been right.
I know I’m addicted; I stay up all night.

I can’t stop my writing or typing at all.
Imagine me driving to splurge at the mall.

I open the counsel to pull out a pen,
Then laugh at myself – I’m at it again.

Proud of the verse that flashed in my mind,
No paper in front so I’m looking behind.

All I can find is a stack of old mail,
I grab a bill and my pen starts to sail.

No hands on the wheel; my knee’s in control.
My scribbles continue ’cause I’m on a roll.

And that’s how I feel; sometimes it’s a breeze,
When verbage is flowing with breathtaking ease.

If good words start hiding I’ll hang up my hat.
‘Til then I’ll be writing, not thinking of that.

And that’s where I’m at, I told you my need.
Rhyme’s my compulsion, my weakness indeed.

And if you’re still reading, it really may be-
You’re just as addicted to rhyming as me.

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