Like Homemade Bread

Like Homemade Bread: Original

A morning poem just for you
That’s from my heart—believe it’s true.

I’ll make it warm like homemade bread
Pulled out hot then served in bed.

I hope you wake up feeling fine,
Your windows full of bright sunshine.

I hope the smell of life is there
Floating in your morning air.

I hope you know you perk up days
In your unique and special way.

I hope you feel I’m so sincere
That I thank God He put you here.

I hope you’ll hop up out of bed
To something nice like homemade bread.

In Case You Wondered

The poem above is called “the Original.” That’s because I’m not done with this topic yet. Most everything can get better, including poems.


Writing this made me hungry. Do you have any great recipes to share?

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