July Fourth

July Fourth - Happy Independence Day to you!!
July Fourth – Happy Independence Day to you!!
The day has arrived to lift up your eyes
Fireworks bursting will color the skies

The Fourth of July … what will you do?
Will you be alone or out with a crew?

Barbecue picnics and time at the beach
Burgers then ice-cream topped with a peach

Hair bleached by sun and backs that are red
Bon fire joking and smores before bed

Instead of one day, weekends are spent
Some in a cabin and some in a tent

Cards will be sent; calls go out too
Friends visit town; you never know who

Canoe trips are made; horseshoes are pitched
Bellies are scratched; mosquito bites itched

Friendships are stitched and sewn into one
The Fourth of July brings holiday fun

Kids spend time running; parents just smile
Explosions and cheering go on for a while

Pile these things and what will be there?
Memories, laughter … all you can bare

The people you care for … make sure that they know
Hug them like crazy and let it all show

Then as fireworks glow tonight in the sky
Thank God for it all. Just give it a try

July Fourth

Independence Day; a day to celebrate freedom and remember all who have gone before, and sacrificed, to allow our freedoms. Why did they have to sacrifice? Because some people would choose to dominate and control everything if they could.

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