The Innocent Flower

A squirrel on green grass, eating a banana slice while surrounded by dandelions.
A squirrel on green grass, eating a banana slice while surrounded by dandelions.
The innocent flower wading in green
Iced the cake of this beautiful scene

It’s not often seen (a view of this kind)
One that won’t ever escape from your mind

Draped up behind this lovely young flower
The scenery changed hour by hour

Without having power to pick up and go
The flower stood watching the marvelous show

Growing the whole time; her roots digging deep
They held her secure when she drifted to sleep

They’d keep her in line; her feet on the ground
And kept her from falling and wandering ‘round

The sounds never stopped that she’d get to hear
Frogs with their ribbits would always appear

Birds chirping clearly, she heard them all day
They sometimes flew near her but never would stay

Squirrels liked playing right next to her too
But didn’t say bye when their games were all through

Viewed from afar the flower looked great
Petals spread proudly looked surely ornate

But she was frustrated and sometimes she’d moan
So tired of living a life on her own

Every night, all alone, she’d watch the sunset
And dew always formed; tears made her cheeks wet

She hadn’t yet met her soul’s other half
The one she could grow with and share a good laugh

The one in the photograph hung in her mind
The one that most flowers are hoping to find

The one she’d recline with and live out her years
The one that would hug her and dry up her tears

She feared for the worst on one lonesome night
Clouds filled the sky blocking all of the light

It had her quite frightened of sounds that she heard
Of the four-legged footsteps that constantly stirred

But then she was cured … well, started to dream
And thought of a place with a paradise theme

Her dream-world seemed friendly, so full of life too
So much she could see. So much she could do

And who was she with but a friend on her arm
He poked her with humor then dazzled with charm

He had her disarmed and light on her feet
And if she got tired he’d pull out a seat

A magnificent treat; her friend was a prize
Then she awoke brushing sleep from her eyes

The skies were still dark; she couldn’t see well
She sensed someone near her but couldn’t quite tell

Something smelled different; a scent in the air
A fresh, new aroma from out of nowhere

Then, baring its light, the sun showed its face
Sending good-mornings all over the place

Gracing the world and bringing its light
Giving the flower back all of her sight

She screamed with delight that she couldn’t hide
Her glee was unshackled despite what she tried

And right by her side now stood what she yenned
A seed must have opened and brought her a friend

That it ended up right next to her…
Only a blessing could make that occur

Now there were two flowers standing as one
Basking like beach-lovers soaking up sun

Like she won a race, this friend was her gold
He had a warm shoulder that never turned cold

He’d hold her or listen until she was done
They’d joke with each other. They’d tease and make fun

And soon there’d be sons. Then daughters came too
Pretty soon flowers were filling the view

Her wish had come true and he felt the same
And their love kept on growing deserving of fame

Copyright © 2007 Ken McCardell

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