If I Were Your Muse

If I were your muse, would I amuse you?
Or would I inspire your best to shine through?

I wish it were true, I’d feel like a king
If I could inspire just one little thing.

If I were your muse, how would it be?
When you need a spark you’d come visit me?

Would we talk for a bit or even at all?
Would you stop by the house or give me a call?

If I were your muse, I’d want to know why.
What do you see when you look in my eyes?

I try to imagine what people may see
I’m only a man and that man is just me.

If I were your muse, what would I incite?
Maybe you’d paint or maybe you’d write.

You might do some cooking or help out a friend
Or hug someone tighter than they can defend.

If I were your muse, I never would know.
I’d just be myself wherever I go.

Showing my teeth (my grin’s hard to hide)
And loving my life with God at my side.

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