I’d Hug You

I told her I’d hug her if she would just cook.
She made a big gasp and gave me the look.
I started to book. She gave me a chase.
A smile was covering all of my face.

I raced out the door and broke to the right.
I ran like the wind. She’s faster than light.
She jumped into flight. I felt her attack.
Now I was running with her on my back.

I stopped for a breath, then fell to the ground.
I told her she won, then she made a sound.
The sound was a laugh. It turned to a roar.
She’s my forever, and forever more.

Give a Hug

If my poem doesn’t convince you to give somebody a hug, maybe health benefits will. Hugs are good for you!

Hugging a Beast

Without a doubt, I love animals. And they need hugs too. Grizzly bears, puppy dogs, parrots—pretty much all animals make best-buddies with people when given a good opportunity.

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