The Hungry Mouse

A mouse was on the hunt;
He begged and begged for cheese.
But everybody turned him down;
He wouldn’t tell them, “Please.”
I guess he had a reason;
No one taught him right.
He never learned his,
“Please.” and, “Thanks.”
Or how to be polite.

Ken McCardell ©2011


The Hungry Mouse (Revisited)

Saturday was football.
He watched it every week.
He yelled out during every play
Now he could barely squeak.
His throat was raw, he couldn’t eat,
His stomach made a roar.
He couldn’t help but yell again;
His team had made a score!

Ken McCardell ©2015


The Hungry Mouse will get his own illustrations one of these days. But for now I’m adding this picture to go with these poems.

Mouse for BibleRhymes' Noah and the Ark
Mouse for BibleRhymes’ Noah and the Ark
This picture is for BibleRhymes’ Noah and the Ark.

The Hungry Mouse (Re-revisited)

The Hungry Mouse sat back.
He thought of fish and chips.
He dreamed of cramming beef filets
Right between his lips.
He wished he had some sips to take
Of lemonade that’s sweet.
Yet he was stuck at work again
And didn’t get to eat.

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