Hugs and Grins and Happiness

A smile is all I ask from you.
Or if there’s time how ’bout a few?
Too many silly grins
Could never cross your face.

Happiness and hugs galore;
The world can always use some more.
There’s nothing I can think of
That could ever take their place.

Hugs are like a Ferris-wheel.
Arms go ‘round and then you feel
Your world is fast improving
Much quicker than a snap.

Hugs can make you feel assured.
With gripping arms you’ve been secured
When holding on to someone sweet
Much tighter than a strap.

A hug is the ingredient
That makes a grin obedient.
When hugs are felt by people;
Grins are standing by.

Happiness stands waiting too.
It’s always looking out for you.
And happiness, so glad to know,
Has more than just one eye.

It can happen anywhere
When it spots you be aware
Just show your teeth; let ’em glare.
Give happiness a chance.

Hugs and grins and happiness;
The centerpiece of true success.
With the three, you’ve been blessed.
Now it’s time to dance.

Jesus Christ - the BibleRhymes star sharing grins.
Jesus Christ – the BibleRhymes star sharing grins.

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