His Big Surprise

A hungry boy was at the park
With not a thing to eat.
He watched the other children play,
And swim to beat the heat.
He walked with barefoot feet.
He dreamed of better days.
He thought of what a man once said,
“A smart boy always prays.”
He wasn’t always smart.
Still, he closed his eyes.
He cleared his throat and kneeled down
He prayed with heartfelt cries.
Then he got a big surprise;
A lady took his hand.
She told him that she needed help.
He didn’t understand.
She said she planned a picnic
And came to eat it there.
She came to eat with friends she knew
And brought enough to share.
She pointed where her friends were.
Their kids were all there too.
She told him, “All the kids had asked
If they could play with you.
So, if you aren’t too busy,
And like to have some fun,
You can come eat all you want,
Then play when you get done.”
He told her, “Just one question,
Before I tell you yes.
Was God the One who sent you?
Cause that’s what I would guess.”


God does listen to prayers, and bring people into our lives when it’s the right time. Well, maybe, and hopefully that’s not a surprise to you.

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