Happy Fools

Things we do and say today can brighten up a life.
Friends are bread, love is butter; words can be the knife.

Spread it thick, there’s plenty more; the cup won’t ever dry.
You’ll never use your portion up. Think you can? Just try…

I’ve seen the best in people shine; it makes me stand in awe.
This makes me wish that being nice could just be made a law.

But that is flawed. Being nice could never be a rule.
It’d be a chore you’re forced to do so then it’d just be cruel.

So happy fools are fools by choice. They’re fools that I adore.
If happy fools were everywhere I know I’d still want more.

They’ve made my belly sore; I thought that it would break.
They’ve told me one too many jokes, one more than I could take.

My mistake; there couldn’t be more jokes than I can stand.
From my view a happy laugh is always on demand.

And now I’ll give a hand. My words will clap for me.
To all the happy fools out there – I thank you for the glee.

The world just wouldn’t be a very friendly spot
If loving people weren’t around giving all they got.

And here’s my dot, my period, the place the poem ends.
Now spread the love, go be the knife and butter up your friends.

Happy Fools

… some of them look just like this:

Smiling portrait by (and some people will guarantee you of) me, Ken McCardell. I'm a happy fool indeed.
Smiling portrait by (and some people will guarantee you of) me, Ken McCardell. I’m a happy fool indeed.

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