Green Socks

Green socks she’s wearing are looking so cute
Not hidden by shoes or any old boots

She won’t take them off; she’s worn them for days
She pulls them up high when she’s out to play

Her socks, like a trophy so proudly displayed
They aren’t the first pair my Sagie has made

She’ll make some and wear them until they wear out
Then make a new pair, don’t have any doubt

Her socks don’t come off; the green ones smell pure
Fresh as cut grass, you can be sure

This little poem is dedicated to my babygirl Sage. She’s probably nipping at the heels of horses up in heaven right this moment. She was a funny puppy indeed.

My Australian Shepherd puppy dog Sage leaping into the air.
My puppy dog Sage leaping into the air.
I wish I had videos of Sage when we were playing with water hoses.

I ran a ranch in Montana. I adopted Sage from our “horse girl” (or Equestrian Manager if you’d prefer).

In the summertime, many of the ranches (including ours) employed irrigation workers from Mexico. I’d play basketball with the Mexicans when we weren’t working and Sage would always watch. There was a hose at a court where we played. One of the guys was spraying it and being silly. Sage started doing back-flips chasing the water.

All I kept hearing was, “Tu perro es loco!”

Good thing I took some Spanish classes…

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