First Love

He paid his first visit. His feet were his car.
Six miles of running sure wasn’t too far.

Still breathing hard he knocked on the door
His forehead was dripping; his leg-muscles sore

Before he could blink the door opened wide
Blue eyes entranced him. She pulled him inside.

His spirits were gliding; this didn’t seem real
His blond and blue dream with her endless appeal

She made a big deal of how he looked hot
And toweled his forehead like he was a tot

Then she got up to get him a drink
“Water or juice; what do you think?”

Her eyes had a twinkle her voice had allure
He looked at her, smitten, and simply said, “Sure.”

“Water’s your cure.” She softly replied.
Then gave him a glass; he drank till it dried.

She sat by his side until he was through
He guzzled so loud she winked and said, “Moo.”

“What do you want?” He jokingly spat.
“It seems I came running to visit a brat.”

Laughing at that she tugged at his hand.
He quietly wondered what she could have planned

He watched her stand up and he followed suit
This girl was so sweet and incredibly cute

With him in pursuit she walked to the door
He thought of forever and forevermore

For her he would run twelve miles a day
No type of hurdle could keep him at bay

They stood in the driveway to talk for a bit
Then went to her backyard to comfortably sit

Fit for each other; a hand for a glove
These two were beginning to feel their first love

He thought of the first time he saw her in school
They sat by each other. He played it all cool.

But she became fuel; the reason he tried.
They’d go to her locker with her at his side

They started confiding. The phone calls came next…
Before practice, after, or any context.

They’d both get perplexed when a call had to end.
And hours of talking had grown as a trend.

Then summer suspended their time in the halls
And left him constricted to their daily calls.

With his back to the wall his choice was just one:
To strap on his shoes then stretch and go run.

And he knew that he won some kind of race.
Why else would that smile be masking his face?

He chased down his dream but wasn’t aware…
This girl would transform him to half of a pair.

Their crush grew to something so hard to achieve;
The purest first-love that never would leave.

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