Father Knows Best

Today is for fathers to get their commends,
Respect from their family, their children and friends…

Tending to families is what fathers do.
“Father knows best” … that saying is true.

But who is a father? Who earns that praise?
The dad with his kids at the beach catching rays…

The dad who pays bills and helps with homework…
The dad who helps mom when kids are berserk…

He doesn’t shirk chores; a father’s too good.
A father’s a mentor that does what he should.

He’s stronger than wood; a star in the night.
A father’s a template for how to live right.

If children are frightened a father is there
Giving them comfort … all he can spare.

A father takes care of so many needs
But rarely renowned for all of his deeds.

A father plants seeds then nurtures their growth.
His life is his family – that is his oath.

Him and mom, both, teach children to stand.
But this is for fathers so give them a hand!

To dads at soccer, baseball too, or games of any kind;
The dads that sat on bleachers and didn’t even mind.

Your children shined with your support, with shouts and winks you made.
Children love when fathers go to all the games they played.

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