Fall Marching In

With fall marching in like a band with its tune
Some people are clapping some think it’s too soon

Leaves change their colors and decorate trees
Then float to the ground on the back of a breeze

Children need work and want to clean yards
Small kids and big rakes; they’re working so hard

But it’s time to play with the leaves in a pile
Kids flying through air are wearing a smile

They dive in the leaves in so many ways
Some go in head-first and come out in a daze

No one stays long when mom starts to call
Her kitchen’s more tempting then trips to the mall

They all go inside and then get to pick
From hot apple-cider and cinnamon-sticks

Or cocoa and whipped-cream and also a treat
Some caramel-apples or donuts to eat

And there in the living-room screaming so loud
Is somebody’s family grouped up in a crowd

They’re getting rowdy the football game’s tied
Their team’s on the twenty; the end-zone can’t hide

And after the game it’s time for a mess
Before pumpkin carving kids change how they dress

They couldn’t care less, but mom told them so
Now in their grubbies they’re raring to go

The glow in their faces makes this time of year
A good time for photos and holding them near

The fall is held dear in many a heart
With all of these things that set it apart

As summer darts off a season begins
And laughter is greeting the fall marching in

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