A Doctor’s Good Advice

A story at night to brighten a day
Is all that you need to keep me away.

Apples are good, but stories are fun
They’ll take you all places under the sun.

Imagine this one: A boy had a plan
No one believed yet he said, “I can.”

He grew to a man when he wouldn’t take no
Barefoot up a mountain he’d traverse the snow.

Where was he going? No one could say.
Some muttered aloud, “He’s always at play”

Way off the target the comments fell short.
The man wasn’t bothered; he made no retort.

Such a good sport he kept up his chin,
Proceeding like always, wearing a grin.

In each situation at places he went
He didn’t waste time, or none that was meant.

Time was still spent then he’d hit the road
In search of another type of abode.

With no load to carry and light on his feet
And a longing for different people to meet,

He weathered the sleet, snow and the rain.
He never slowed down no matter the pain.

With nothing to gain but warmth in his heart
He kept up his plan he had from the start.

With part of him golden, he’d known for a while –
His purpose on earth: Get others to smile.

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