Dancing On Wind

Dancing, skipping, jumping too;
The couple’s love was clear.
I’m glad I got to see it all
They danced, and did it here.

They danced without a fear
And nearly smashed my toes.
Then, moving as the breeze picked up,
They nearly smashed my nose.

But hearing ahhs and ohhs
For their beautiful display;
The butterflies kept dancing on
Until they blew away.

Butterfly - Dancing on Wind - Illustration for poem by Ken McCardell
Butterfly – Dancing on Wind – Illustration for poem by Ken McCardell

This butterfly illustration was my first attempt at a butterfly. It is a rough-draft to be sure, but I wanted to get something started. It may just be me, but I always need a step one before I move on to step number two.

Benefits of Dancing

Dancing releases energy, gets blood flowing and can make you feel alive and happy! I suppose if a person weren’t a great dancer, they may want to keep their moves restricted to their living-rooms. But I’ll bet it would make them feel a spark of life just the same.

Another Dance

They danced away the afternoon
And did it in my view.
They danced like nothing mattered—
Nothing but those two.

I might have seen a pirouette.
I know I saw a twist.
One was having so much fun
It even pumped a fist.

My Butterfly

Click this link for a little bit longer of a love poem called, “My Butterfly.”

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