Complaining Or Not

The hottest of weather, some people complain.
“I’m sticky, I’m melting, I’m going insane.”

If it were raining it’d bother them too.
And watch out for snow, you know what they’ll do.

This is my view, like it or not…
Ninety degrees … it still isn’t hot.

That’s when I’m plotting to go out and dive
Like fish in the ocean I’m feeling alive.

I thrive under water and swim like an eel.
I try to catch lobster to serve with my meal.

I feel I’m at home when I’m deep in the sea
That’s simply the person I happen to be.

To me life is good; I play in the rain.
I feel like a kid if I need to explain.

And that I’ll sustain, I’ll never get old.
You won’t hear me cry when it starts to get cold.

The snow is like gold and I’ll pile it high.
Jump on my snowboard and man do I fly!

My skills aren’t the greatest, I’m hospital bound.
I’ve broken my shoulder from hitting the ground.

But still I’m around and strong on my feet,
In love with the rain, the snow and the heat.

I eat it all up and all of the while…
I’m thanking the Lord while wearing a smile.

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