Christmas: The Gifts

Christmas; what a merry day! A hopeful time of year…
This season comes with perks galore and now the season’s here.

Life’s atmosphere all seems to change as fall comes to a close.
In the backs of people’s minds are presents topped with bows.

Once Thanksgiving goes away Christmas marches in.
And people sleep in parking lots like they were cozy inns.

Then it begins – the shopping-sprees, the cash exchanging hands.
Financial analysts debate consumer’s new demands.

And hands stay busy; cutting, wrapping, taping on the fly.
Then it’s to the store again with more still there to buy.

But cold December skies will often bring a lot of snow.
Drivers get conservative; the traffic pace is slow.

And then without them knowing the people, stuck in cars,
Commence their choir-singing with their ample repertoires.

It might just start with humming but usually pretty soon
Chestnuts over open fires will make the drivers croon.

They might be out of tune but no one really cares.
Some will sing so loud that they catch a lot of stares.

And everywhere around are red and white and green.
They seem a perfect background for that precious manger scene.

But what’s it mean, this holiday? Why does Christmas come?
Is it for the mistle-toe or maybe sugar plums?

Some folks cherish Christmas since the snow builds up in drifts.
Others treasure Christmas and it’s all because the gifts.

The faithful lift their eyes. They know what this day’s for.
It signifies the birth of Christ, Our Lord and guarantor.

But stores get all the grand attention; all the money too…
And when these gifts are all wrapped up whom do they go to?

Please do not give a gift to me, my birthday’s in July.
And many children walk around with so much less than I.

People buying presents should maybe give a second thought.
Do grown-ups really need to get the gifts that they’ve been bought?

Momma always taught me that it’s always best to share.
If you have the things you need it’s truly only fair.

Millionaire or lower-class it doesn’t mean a thing.
You only spare what you afford and do it for the King.

By bringing just a teeny smile to one angelic face
Christmas love can make a mark that nothing can replace.

Embrace the folks less fortunate; they need a Santa too.
And Christmas love has many shapes, it even looks like you.

Copyright© 2007 Ken McCardell

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