Christmas Memories

Christmas Memories – the Poem

The chilly evenings, evergreens and blustery winter breeze,
The ice and snow and sleet combined that make you start to freeze,

The Christmas trees, the ornaments, the egg-nog in a bowl,
The stockings overflowed with gifts, the stockings filled with coal,

Ol’ Saint Nick, Frosty too, and Rudolph’s nose so bright,
Carolers on porches proudly singing Silent Night,

Lights on houses—blue, and green, yellow, also red,
And Jesus sleeping cozy in His little manger bed,

The spreads of food, the families bunched, the friends of past who call,
The scissors, tape and wrapping gifts, the crowds that fill the mall,

The “Deck The Halls” on radios, the snowballs thrown for fun,
The grandpas with the children while the family tales are spun,

The wondering, the snooping, the hunt for hidden things,
The smells that burst from kitchens that are boasting cherry rings,

The grandmas bringing presents, vacations closing stores,
The little needles from the trees covering the floors,

The four-course meals, the peaceful naps, the games that children play,
The restless reindeer night-patrols preceding Christmas day,

The aunts that bring the trays of food and church on Christmas Eve,
The cousins with the brand new toys that never want to leave,

The afghan grandma weaved, those corny Underoos,
The Christmas lights around the house—the ones that blew the fuse,

The choo-choos for the kiddies, the fires burning logs,
The biscuits wrapped with bows – the presents bought for dogs,

The catalogs, the moms and dads that form those elf-like teams,
The milk and cookies halfway gone that boosts their children’s dreams,

The endless streams of gifts that flood from house to house to house,
The parents up on Christmas Eve as silent as a mouse,

The special treats for spouses, the candles that enchant,
The everlasting spheres of love that parents can implant,

The angels on the mantle, the stockings underneath,
The goofy faces children make with candy-canes for teeth,

The wreaths all decorated, the popcorn on the trees,
Nothing ever warms my soul like Christmas memories!

What’s Your Favorite?

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