Children Like Stories

Children like stories and stories they get.
But what is a story they’ll never forget?

Let’s start with the story: The Engine That Could,
Or Paul with his blue ox chopping down wood.

These stories are good; they’ll stick in a brain.
Just try to erase them; it’s only in vain.

Now let me explain, I write stories too,
Up against icons competing for you.

Do you remember Paddington Bear,
Or Strawberry Shortcake ‘s curly, red hair?

There’s Curious George, The Cat in the Hat,
Countless young children read stories like that.

Now stepping to bat, it’s BibleRhymes turn
With Biblical stories for children to learn.

Working to earn a place in your heart.
As memories grow, we want to be part.

With art so magnetic it stimulates grins
BibleRhymes pictures will draw people in.

That’s the beginning, then rhymes grab ahold
And good Bible stories are wittingly told.

No one’s too old and youngsters just smile,
Attracted by BibleRhymes catchy new style.

While they sit reading, children are rapt.
Learning the Bible they’re willingly trapped.

Leaving them apt to grow in the Lord,
Their brain as a safe where BibleRhymes stored.

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