Celestial Son

You’ve sadly lost your child. I know that you’ve been pained.
But where you feel your losses the heavens now have gained.

We cannot ascertain why certain times are picked.
And it might feel so crushing – the hurt death can inflict.

We can’t predict all things. We don’t know all the “hows”.
But when a baby has to go he’s sure in good hands now.

We’re bowing down our heads. He’s going up to God.
He sees the tears fall down our cheeks and probably thinks it’s odd.

He has a squad of angels to comfort him so well.
And with Our Lord in heaven he’ll splendidly excel.

Farewells are on our lips while hugs go all around.
A little boy’s not lost. It’s almost like he’s crowned.

He’ll be surrounded every day by souls more pure than snow.
And be awash in Our God’s love … sopping head to toe.

Make sure your heart stays open wide even while you grieve.
Your soul and his will stay conjoined as long as you believe.

He’ll never leave your side. The Lord will stay there too.
Just whisper any little prayer and they’ll be there for you.

Your son and you will meet again. You’ll see him face to face.
You’ll get to hold him in your arms and feel his warm embrace.

God’s good grace allows for that and faith will make it so.
Your boy and you, eternity, there’s so much time to go.

Copyright© 2007 Ken McCardell

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