Branches call for peoples’ hands;
I’ve climbed up one by one.
I’ve reached some treetops—looked around—
My climbing wasn’t done.

Branches block the sun
With leaves to shade the view.
They freely give protection
To birds and people too.

Brutish, sturdy ones
Are used for building forts;
When healthy, thick, and strong,
They’re wonderful supports.

They’re also used for sport:
To rope a tire high.
Swing one over rivers,
And acrobats will fly!

I’ve climbed a branch or two.
I’ve swung from many trees.
I’ve watched their big and woody arms
Dancing in the breeze.

The memories go back,
I’d camp and then I’d cook.
Need to roast a marshmallow?
One stick is all it took.

Hold it over open flames
Watch the white turn black
The process was a lengthy one—
I’d eat a giant pack.

Branches Non-Profit

Branches Non-Profit Event Brochure
Non-Profit Event Brochure
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