Brain Dessert

Today’s a day God called your name I guarantee it’s true
It’s almost like these words were made specifically for you

Who would’ve guessed? And here you are with open eyes alert
Your mind will gobble every line like it was brain dessert

Overt intentions will not hide; no mirrors and no smoke
Now the question seems to be; what will this evoke?

What provokes you? That’s the key to stirring up your brain
Theology to some might be labeled as arcane

Religion’s stained in many ways with humankind to blame
The evil done in the Lord’s name does nothing but bring shame

He came to earth and cleared the way for people to succeed
He gave us teachings, blessed our souls and filled our every need

And if we’d open up our hearts He’d jump in every day
He’ll be the buddy that hangs out and always wants to stay

The way He reaches out is deftly varied case by case
He always shows up just in time and picks the perfect place

He’ll be the brace that holds you up if you sincerely ask
But here’s the deal: don’t shirk it off when He gives you a task

And soon you’ll bask in loving arms more loyal than you dream
God is real and really close no matter what it seems

With high esteem He floods our lives with everything that’s good
Do you pay it back to Him and do the things you should?

Would you proudly claim your faith where people don’t believe?
Or maybe you’d just sit and laugh … say nothing and leave

We’ve all been given chances to hold our faith up high
Be confident you’re in good hands, don’t worry, don’t be shy

Don’t deny Him in a crowd or when you’re on your own
As long as you will keep your faith, you’ll never be alone

And don’t throw stones, you’re not the judge, we’re all just here to grow
To humbly ask the Lord for guidance, take His hand and go

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