Blindly In Love

The ringing alarm shattered his dream.
He wished he could sleep more and wanted to scream.

Coffee and cream? He’d rather have bed,
With the comfiest pillow supporting his head.

Instead he just got up and trudged to the shower.
His eyes wouldn’t open; they didn’t have power.

In less than an hour he showered and ate
Then quickly got dressed; he couldn’t be late.

With weight on his shoulders his mind was ablaze.
He thought of the line, “Hard work always pays.”

He had to find ways to start earning more
And quietly wondered what he had in store.

He walked out the door and then turned around
Softly he closed it with hardly a sound.

Astounded each day at what he left behind
His wife was still sleeping and filling his mind.

Blindly in love; that’s how he felt.
One look in her eyes and his heart would just melt.

Her arms were his shelter her warmth wouldn’t end.
His wife was his baby and very best friend.

Transcending most legends this couple stood out;
Both meant for each other beyond any doubt.

Their love was devout; assuredly blessed.
But would it survive a critical test?

Feeling too stressed he snapped from his daze
Now driving through downtown like it was a maze.

The traffic was crazy like cars had no gas.
The roads were congested with no room to pass.

Working-class people had filled up the streets.
The city a painting; the background concrete.

Strapped in his seat he thought of last night.
He hurt his wife’s feelings and felt so contrite.

She came home delighted and told him some news.
But he wasn’t ready and fell out his shoes.

She gave him the blues. He didn’t get mad.
His “manhood” was threatened and that made him sad.

Soon he’d be dad; that’s what his wife said.
Twins would be coming to these newlyweds.

Instead of excitement, he knelt down to fear –
Forgetting his faith and that God’s always near.

The dearest of moments and he was just scared.
Their house pushed their budget; he felt unprepared.

He thought of the child-care, baby food too,
And wondered outloud … what would they do?

He knew it was wrong but felt at a loss
And went off to bed to turn and to toss.

A car crossed his path. It jolted his mind.
He pulled into work feeling back at the grind.

Quite lucky to find a good parking spot
He jumped from his car as quick as a shot.

He walked through the parking-lot picking up speed
Thinking of family that he had to feed.

As he proceeded he focused his eyes
And there up ahead stood a morning surprise.

Sizing him up his boss gave a wink.
It caught him off guard while it tickled him pink.

Not sure what to think he just smiled back.
His boss always seemed like a tough nut to crack.

Sharp as a tack with no social skills
His boss was the hand that paid all of his bills.

Filling with tension he walked by her side
Then his boss turned and was grinning so wide.

She said, “I can’t hide it, I’m happy for you!
I have a new job that I’d love you to do.

If you come through you’ll be on your way.
You’ll get a new car and a raise in your pay.

What do you say? Does that work for you?”
He lacked any words; this was out of the blue.

His dreams had come true. His prayers had been heard.
He looked at his boss and he gave her one word.

He blurted it out, “Yes!” sounded so good!
Then quickly thanked God. He now understood.

He couldn’t refrain and he pulled out his phone.
His fingers hit buttons with minds of their own.

It only rang twice and his wife said “Hello.”
He told her, “My darling, I hope that you know,

No one’s more special than you are to me.
You’ll be the best ever mother-to-be!

And today we got lucky, tonight you’ll know why
Our worries just packed up and said their good-byes.”

She didn’t reply. His words made her swoon.
He told her, “I love you and I’ll see you soon.”

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