Biting Your Tongue

Biting your tongue … some promise you should.
Don’t say a word unless it is good.

Who could object? It sounds great to me.
I think that most people would tend to agree.

But people are free to pick and to choose.
Some try with their might to give you the blues.

Who’s got that nerve? It could be a friend…
One you thought was real, who’s really pretend.

You bend your back and they make it break.
Their words were the straw, the last you could take.

Shake it all off and don’t get upset
And don’t play that game, it’s full of regret.

Forget it, let go … just walk away.
Sometimes there is nothing that you can say.

They try to grab on and pull you down low.
Don’t sink to that level. You don’t have to go.

As far as I know your mouth isn’t wide.
It’d look pretty funny with feet stuck inside.

You never could hide a foot on your chin
So tighten the loose lips before they begin.

I say this and grin because I’m guilty too
I won’t point my finger and shake it at you.

We all need to do two simple things:
Spread love with our words; remember who’s King.

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