Beginning All Over

Sometimes we get burned and feel like a roast,
We’d like to pause life or get it to coast.

What’s your most precious and sensitive part?
The life of your body, the thing we call heart.

An artist’s rendition could never compare
Heart is the thing that’s providing your flare.

You might care to call it by some other name.
Your heart and your soul are one and the same.

My it’s a shame when hearts take a blow.
It’s worse than a highway where everyone’s slow.

You might feel like throwing a glass at the wall
Or hiding in bed curled in a ball.

We’ve all had these feelings as far as I know.
I can’t name a person who wouldn’t say so.

We just have to go on and pick up our chin.
Take a deep breath and inhale life in.

Beginning all over for good or for bad,
It might be a break up that has you all sad.

Or had you been hoping to find a new date
And things didn’t work out; it wasn’t your fate?

Wherever the state of your sorrow finds you
Here’s a prescription for what you can do:

Go to a friend’s house devising a trick
Kidnap your buddy; make sure that you’re quick.

Then pick a fun place … somewhere to go
Venture the park or watch a good show.

There’s so many ways to get back on your feet.
Just stifle the boxes of chocolate you eat.

Sweets are addicting and so are good friends
So go find a shoulder that somebody lends.

Then you’ll feel better; your heart will repair.
It might need some shelter but let it get air.

There’s always the risk of feeling heart break
But not taking chances could lead to mistakes.

You’ll shake off the bad things forgetting your pain
Then life will be sunshine with no sign of rain.

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