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Author: Ken McCardell – Video Interview

Author Ken McCardell is interviewed on video by Reverend Kerrene Covington for Today’s Christian Woman.

Author and Illustrator

From book designer to author, illustrator, narrator and many other things, I’ve put on many hats for the development of the BibleRhymes children’s book series.

Each step along the way has been like taking a new college course or two. I’ve had to learn much more than I’d imagined when I began developing books for kids. But I love to learn, and I love to be able to share all of the online Bible stories that BibleRhymes has produced!

Creating these rhyming Bible stories has brought me in contact with many wonderful pastors, parents, teachers and kids. Reverend Covington is a wonderful woman indeed. Interviews with her are always a pleasure.

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Coco Butter and Ken McCardell

Who is Coco Butter?

When I moved back to Michigan, after managing a cattle ranch in Montana, I moved into a quality neighborhood. I eat at neighbors’ houses. I can’t tell you how many times my door-bell has rung and a neighbor was standing there with fresh made food in her hands.

Wheelbarrow Creek Ranch, Stevensville, Montana - the ranch office
Wheelbarrow Creek Ranch, Stevensville, Montana – the ranch office

Day after day I’d roll through the neighborhood on my rollerblades or skateboard with my dogs pulling me at full speed. My dogs helped me meet many of the new neighbors, whether from us racing around, or playing in the front yard. People are always waving and saying hello around here.

One of the families I met stopped by for treats on Halloween. They gave me a battery for my smoke detector as a return treat. The father of the family is a pastor at Heritage Church, where I now volunteer at a food pantry and serve as a “lead” usher. I put the “lead” in quotes because all of the ushers are servants working as a team. And we’ve got some great team members.

A number of other families in our neighborhood attend at the church as well.

Trunk-or-Treat at Heritage Church with some of my friends' kids.
Trunk-or-Treat at Heritage Church with some of my friends’ kids.

The pastor that stopped by; his kids would come out rollerblading with me. We’ve done indoor wall-climbing, played basketball, bowling, bounced around on trampolines and swam in swimming pools. From baseball to soccer and football—you name it and we’ve done it.

The pastor’s daughter has the nickname Coco Butter. She came to Warren Woods Christian School to be my videographer. She earned a place in my heart and one of these days I’ll be releasing a book with her as the star character. The picture below is a rough-draft of one of the pictures/poems for the upcoming book.

Coco Butter climbs a mountain with a chimpanzee.

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Reading Night – Warren Woods Christian School

I (author and illustrator Ken McCardell) have visited Warren Woods Christian School a number of times. I’ve been able to share my BibleRhymes series along with some of my other poetry at book readings and career events.

This video is an 18 minute clip. It starts with me reading BibleRhymes’ David and Goliath (a book not yet released). After David and Goliath we got into some questions and answers. Then it was on to some of the poetry that’s had me invited to places like Sheiko Elementary in West Bloomfield, Michigan. (a public school).

Christian School: Good Kids

The kids were surrounding me in the video while I was reading poems off of my laptop. I wanted to share unreleased material with them to give them something most people haven’t been able to see, and so I could absorb their feedback.

Poetry Collection

The picture below is a rough draft for one of the poems for a book I’m working on that’s not Bible related. The book is a collection of poems, or rhymes, that covers subjects from volcanoes to talking bears. The book has rollerblading turtles and zebras that like to go off diving boards. Add to that snakes taking driving lessons and magical pudding. It’s a fun book, and offers me a huge change of pace from my BibleRhymes projects.

Cookie Fever - An illustration for a poem