The Prodigal Son

The Prodigal Son is another story being developed for BibleRhymes. The picture below is a draft that has been developed for this parable for our online Bible stories for kids.

Every book character has to start somewhere. Sometimes the first-draft is almost identical to the final-draft. On other occasions the drafts don’t resemble each other at all.

Prodigal Son: BibleRhymes - Character for Bible Story for Kids


A prodigal person is someone that spends money in a reckless manner. This kind of person is wasteful. They don’t utilize resources in wise, well-thought, and productive ways.

This kind of person needs a forgiving father, though pretty much every person imaginable needs a forgiving father. Fortunately for all of us we do have a Father with the most forgiving heart.

We have the Father that created love.

Character Update

Already there is an updated version of the “son.” The gallery of book pictures for this story can be reached with this link.

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