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BibleRhymes' Parable of Talents
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Parable of Talents

This BibleRhymes book has not yet been released. Bible verses for this story are Matthew 25: 14-30, and Luke 19: 11-26.

“Parable of Talents,” is a parable of Jesus. A parable is a short, allegorical story used to illustrate, or teach a truth, moral, or spiritual lesson. This story, as told in the BibleRhymes poem, can be seen in the light of people being tested and having to prove themselves, given their abilities.

What Will You Do?

In our time on earth, what will we do with the resources and abilities that we are fortunate enough to be able to use?

If resources are put into your hands will you increase their value?

Resources Used Wisely

A person could take an apple and eat it. Another person could take an apple and eat it, get a seed out of it, plant a tree, get a lot more apples, then make apple-sauce, apple-pies, apple-cider, and still have an apple left over to eat and get more seeds out of.

Are you the kind of person that is only concerned about the here and now, and would eat the apple to try and satisfy yourself? Or do you contemplate the bigger picture?

In case it needs to be said—don’t take that example literally. Not everybody needs to plant an apple-tree. Everyone that can should add value to the world to the best of their abilities, and never waste the opportunities, or resources that they’ve been blessed with.

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