Illustrator Profiles

The book-picture galleries do not show every picture from every book. They do show enough to give you an idea of each book and different styles by our different illustrators.

Famous Illustrator: Don Cassity

Don Cassity, of Rugrats and Marvel Comics fame, illustrated BibleRhymes’ Zacchaeus. Currently he’s working on a story of Moses and the Amalekites for BibleRhymes.

Working with Don Cassity and seeing his art is what finally got me to take a shot at drawing. I’d always thought it’d be fun to be able to draw. I just never thought I’d be able to.

First BibleRhymes Illustrator: Antonella Chirco

Antonella Chirco illustrated a version of Noah and the Ark, the Christmas Story and Creation for BibleRhymes that are all available as hardcover books. The quality is high enough that they’ll withstand twenty years worth of reading (or much more I would guess). You can read what parents say about her artwork!

Antonella’s versions of Noah and Christmas are both being updated and will be released as interactive online books).

Her pictures were originally painted with an air-brush and paint-brushes on canvas. Antonella recreated much of this art for the release of BibleRhymes first online Bible stories.

Author and Illustrator

I’m Ken McCardell. I’m the founder of BibleRhymes. I’m the lead illustrator, poet, website developer and—well—whatever needs doing, I’m the one to blame if it’s not done well.

Throughout most of my life I never thought that I’d end up being an artist. I hadn’t imagined I’d get into writing rhymes, or poems. I didn’t envision that I’d build a recording studio in my house so I could record book narrations. Pretty much every skill I’ve had to develop to produce BibleRhymes, I wouldn’t have guessed I’d end up needing.

I’ll have other places on the site for you to find out Antonella and about myself. Here’s the real deal though: this world needs more love. I’m here to give every bit I can.

If every kid grows up learning the Bible the way I did, they’ll give every bit they can too. So I wanted to give kids a fun way to learn about the Bible. And that’s the abridged story behind BibleRhymes. Let me be clear though, these stories aren’t only for kids. Just check out the pictures, listen to the music in our online stories, read the poetry, and tell me if I’m wrong! These books are for people of all ages.

Curious about anything? Just ask. Or “friend” me, “add” me or “like” me, however it works for you…

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