David and Goliath – Cover (Draft 2)

This is the second draft for the cover of BibleRhymes’ David and Goliath. There are newer and older drafts online for you to see as well, so you are able to see the development of the pictures.

BibleRhymes' David and Goliath - Book Cover - Bible Story for Kids

He’s so Big!

Goliath was a giant; not a wee man like Zacchaeus. David was a shepherd. He had his hands full going to battle with the Philistine champion.

This book is on the way as one of BibleRhymes’ online Bible stories.

Your Opinion Counts

Leave comments and opinions if you’d like to be a part of the illustration development process! You’d might be amazed if you knew how much outside input has influenced the BibleRhymes artwork of all of our artists.

6 thoughts on “David and Goliath – Cover (Draft 2)

  1. Looks good! I like it much better than the first as it is more colorful. The first one was a bit dull and dark.

  2. Whats happening? Just my opinion of course. I think David should be looking up at Goliath. I think that will help with the size of Goliath. It almost looks like David is on his knees. I feel I have no room to talk. Art is someones own interpretation, but, what I would do is have Goliath turn about 30 degrees and move him to the left, while David faces him on the opposite side of the page, that way you can have David have his head tilt up to show the size of Goliath. I do really really like the added people and the Gold on Goliath.

    1. I suppose the size of Goliath won’t make everyone happy, since not everyone agrees on how big he actually was. The comment below implies Goliath should be larger, and yours seems to imply he’s already too big. So maybe this relieves me from having to change his size at all and I’ll just fix other details. 🙂

      The added people still need a little tweaking and Peter… Goliath has brass armor, not gold (unless the colors on my monitor have caused me to dress him in the wrong kind of gear). I’m glad you liked the changes though! His chain-mail armor took some time…

      1. After I re-read my reply I decided to add this for people that don’t know me (Ken McCardell). Often my responses come with sarcasm attached and winks that you can’t see. Always keep that in mind if you read anything I’ve put online!

  3. Looks great! I definitely want to get a copy for my lil brother.
    Two things that I have an opinion on would be that Goliath always seemed a lot bigger to me as I recall the story from when I was a kid and Goliath’s right arm seems much larger than his left in this illustration. Hope these opinions help. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. Thanks for the compliment and input! I’ll be releasing this story, first as an animated online book (like the others on the site, which for the moment are all free). Before this book is released, I’ll have a membership option for people (at a nice, low annual rate). If you read these books, always remember to point and click for animations/dictionary and other things.

      As far as Goliath’s height, between wiki and other places his height varies between 6’10” and over 9′ tall. And even the 6 cubits and a span seems like a controversial figure. I’ll see what it looks like when I enlarge him.

      As far as the arm, that’s the last thing I was working on last night, and RIGHT before I read your comment, I was looking at it and thinking the same thing you were. 🙂

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